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Empress Crow and Rabbit

Portrait photography by Brave Agency

Photo of Melanie Smith, World Traveller, by Dianna Graf, Creative Director at Brave Agency commissioned by Empress Crow and Rabbit, for publication with a series of interviews featuring inspiring women in the antipodes.

Empress Crow and Rabbit came to Brave Agency for assistance with establishing their newly launched brand, setting up social media channels, desktop publishing, and supplemental photography for antipodean lunar calendars featuring inspiring women.

Visit Empress Crow and Rabbit online at www.empresscrowandrabbit.com to read all the stories and interviews and download a complimentary digital lunar calendar for 2018.


Client: Michaela Rosandich at Empress Crow and Rabbit.

Project Contributors:

Empress Crow and Rabbit Logo and Branding by Ebony Parker.

Empress Crow and Rabbit Brand Style Development and Website by Penny Lough at Hummingbird Design.


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